Ilene Fischman, M.S., P.T.
Licensed Physical Therapist
John Barnes Myofascial Release® Therapist

Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher

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Here are some comments made by people we have helped in achieving Whole Body Wellness  ! !


“For more than a decade I have dealt with chronic myofascial pain and fibromyalgia.  I spent many years undergoing traditional physical therapy, but it didn’t help much.  Since I switched to myofascial release therapy, I have much less pain and more stamina.  Ilene’s expert care has changed my life.”

- Joan Tucci

‘My daughter had wrist pain for about 10 months. She had an x-ray and an MRI, but nothing showed up. Started P.T. with Ms. Fischman and after 2 treatments the pain in her wrist was gone.’

- Lisa Reinoehl, Mohnton

"Most of my life, 1 have been prone to muscle weakness and soft tissue pain. Now in my late sixties I also have osteoarthritis. I find the myofascial release approach reduces inflammation, restores flexibility, and preserves good range of motion.  Six months after a knee replacement and traditional physical therapy, I was still experiencing pain and inability to bend my knee extensively. Ilene's therapeutic methods relieved my discomfort and greatly improved the appearance of the surgical scar.  Ilene's skilled care, knowledge, and expertise ensures the patient of correct diagnosis and complementary therapies to alleviate the problems. The whole-body approach to treatment improves health and promotes general wellness."

- A.L., Leesport

" I started going to see Ilene Fischman at Integral Physical Therapy in 2011. I had a number of things that were going on physically and I was intrigued by her unique approach to healing. We scheduled a number of visits and each time we addressed all of the issues I was having and each week she targeted the specific areas that she thought would help me along the path to feeling better. I was very pleased with the results of her physical therapy technique. As I mentioned earlier, we concentrated on a number of different areas and I feel so much better as a result of her treatment. "

- Dave Mattes * Realtor at RE/MAX of Reading

" I had a very painful rotator cuff (shoulder) injury stemming from an ice skating accident. I couldn't sleep through the night, wash my hair or put on a shirt without discomfort and difficulty. I could barely lift my arm without significant pain and had severely restricted movement. The injury was effecting every aspect of my life, including curtailing activities with my kids.

After months of pricey massage and trying some very uncomfortable and time-consuming traditional physical therapy exercises, a yoga instructor recommended Ilene Fischman.

Within one deeply relaxing session I had noticeably reduced pain. Within ten sessions I was pain-free, and had nearly all of the mobility back in my arm and shoulder. I never think twice about how I put on a shirt now, or wince when I try to wash my hair. I'm very, very grateful to have a working shoulder again and I know that my injury is healed! "

- Becky

" After numerous visits to a podiatrist and orthopedic doctor and trying the standard recommended stretches for plantar fasciitis, I finally found Ilene Fischman at Integral Physical Therapy. Within two months of the Myofascial Release therapy provided by Ilene, I was on the road to recovery. Ilene’s caring, positive, and professional demeanor immediately put me at ease. Her approach is gentle, hands-on, and personal. Myofascial Release therapy is a highly effective treatment for pain. In addition to the in-office therapy, Ilene showed me what to do at home to ensure that the plantar fasciitis does not return. Ilene is an excellent practitioner of Myofascial Release therapy and I am deeply grateful for her help. "

- Diane R.

" My physical problems include bone on bone knees and lingering fibromyalgia. Ilene Fischman's myofascial release treatments gave me both pain relief and additional flexibility."

- Marti Smith

" In 2006 I was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident which resulted in traumatic ankle injury. This injury severely hampered my gait, and range of motion, causing knee and hip pain as well. Ilene's extensive knowledge, guidance, hands-on approach and gait training has allowed me many pain free days. I appreciated her sincerity, level of experience and professionalism. "

- A.P., Sinking Spring


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