Ilene Fischman, M.S., P.T.
Licensed Physical Therapist
John Barnes Myofascial Release® Therapist

Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher

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Reading PA Physical Therapy - Lower Back Pain, Shoulder,Neck,Joint Pain.Sciatica,Migraines | Integral Physical Thearapy LLC

‘My daughter had wrist pain for about 10 months. She had an x-ray and an MRI, but nothing showed up. Started P.T. with Ms. Fischman and after 2 treatments the pain in her wrist was gone.’
                                                  - Lisa Reinoehl, Mohnton

Providing Pain Relief Through Alternative Physical Therapy

We provide chronic pain relief physical therapy services for back pain, sciatica, shoulder and neck pain, fibromyalgia pain and more. Serving the greater Reading, PA and Berks County area from our Wyomissing office.When traditional physical therapy is not enough, turn to us. When traditional therapy fails to provide the long-lasting pain relief you need, we can help with our time-tested holistic approach to your wellness.  

We focus on the underlying causes of pain rather than applying a symptoms-based approach common to traditional physical therapy. As a myofascial release treatment center, we’re prepared to apply the latest alternative physical therapy techniques to relieve your pain and improve your overall health.

Providing Welcome Relief From Many Types of Chronic or Acute Pain

By combining myofascial release (John Barnes Approach) with traditional physical therapy methods when appropriate, we can provide our patients with significant pain relief and pain management for these acute or chronic conditions:

    • Sciatica
    • Shoulder pain
    • Back pain (both upper and lower back pain)
    • Neck pain
    • Joint pain
    • Hip pain
    • Jaw / TMJ pain
    • Rotator cuff pain
    • Knee pain
    • Plantar fasciitis pain
    • Arthritis pain
    • Pain from headaches, including migraines
    • Fibromyalgia pain
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Pain due to sports injuries
    • Scoliosis
    • Myofascial pain syndromes

Deep-Down Pain Relief Through Myofascial Release

We specialize in myofascial release, a one on one physical therapy approach created by John Barnes, P.T. Myofascial release provides deep-down pain relief by restoring the health of the connective tissues (fascia) in your body through a gentle stretching process combined with mild pressure.

Although myofascial release is gentle, when applied by our highly skilled physical therapist it can have profoundly positive effects on your body tissues, often resulting in lasting relief from chronic pain. To learn more about the benefits of myofascial release, click here: Physical Therapy Services

Yoga Therapy for Greater Health and Peace of Mind

We specialize in a particular form of yoga known to remove spinal compression, resulting in both pain relief and in a relaxing of the overall tightness in your body. Known as Svaroopa® Yoga, with repeated practice this technique results in increased physical health, vitality, mental clarity, and peace of mind. Click here to learn more: Svaroopa® Yoga

Better Physical Therapy Results by Addressing the Whole Person

Our holistic approach to your mind and body wellness is designed to produce lasting results and better health. We invite you to call (610) 743-4633 or e-mail us today to learn more, or to schedule an introductory physical therapy appointment.


Contact us at Integral Physical Therapy, LLC to learn more about our holistic approach to pain relief.
We apply alternative physical therapy and holistic techniques including myofascial release and yoga.
We are committed to providing pain relief from sciatica nerve pain, upper & lower back pain, shoulder pain,
neck & joint pain, fibromyalgia pain, and much more. Located in Wyomissing, we provide physical therapy services
to the greater Reading, PA and Berks County areas. Call (610) 743-4633 or email us at

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