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Reading PA - Common FAQ or Questions.| Integral Physical Thearapy LLC



Q.   Do you accept insurance ?

A.   Integral Physical Therapy, LLC. is an out-of-network provider. This means that you will need to pay for your visit when you come in and have your insurance company reimburse you,  if they cover this treatment.  Our clinic does not submit for your insurance reimbursement.  We will provide all the receipts so you can submit them to your insurance company. Payment is due at the time of the treatment.


Q.   How do I find out what my insurance company will reimburse ?

A.   You may call your insurance company in advance and ask for the details of your insurance plan concerning  “ out of network ” benefits. You should ask your insurance company " How much they pay for an out of network provider ? " and " What paperwork they need submitted for your reimbursement payment ? "

Q.   Do I need a prescription

A.   No, not necessarily.

The state of Pennsylvania allows Direct Access to Physical Therapy Treatments. It means that you are legally permitted to see a Physical Therapist for evaluation and treatment WITHOUT a physician's referral (prescription). Treatment can be rendered for up to 30 days. After that though, you will need a referral/prescription to continue therapy. (However, if submitting for insurance reimbursement, it is wise to have a prescription from the beginning of treatment, since they often request it.) After the initial visit, our office will mail a typed copy of your evaluation to the doctor whom you specify, and that usually encourages them to write a script saying “Physical Therapy. Evaluate and Treat” or whatever else they choose to write on it.

The therapists at Integral Physical Therapy, LLC have a Direct Access license.

When you do ask the doctor for a referral, it can come from a physician, physicians assistant (PA-C), registered nurse practitioner (CRNP), dentist or podiatrist.

The referral should state:
“Physical Therapy. Evaluate and Treat” and include a diagnosis.

Q.   Does Integral Physical Therapy, LLC accept Medicare Programs ?

A.   Integral Physical Therapy, LLC is primarily unable to accept Medicare programs at this time however please check with our office for eligibility.


Q.   What should I wear to my treatment ?

A.    Proper attire depends on what treatment type is being utilized. For the initial evaluation/session, to observe the spine/posture we ask that men have a pair of loose shorts and women have a tank top and a pair of loose shorts. At the first PT session we will discuss proper attire for upcoming appointments.

Because myofascial release should ideally be done on skin, it is preferred that you are comfortably undressed. A tank top and shorts are fine, while some people wear bathing suits. It all depends on how you will be comfortable, and may evolve with time.


Q.   How long are the treatments ?

A.    Treatments are one hour long. This includes discussion, myofascial release and whatever other skilled treatment or exercise program is indicated to help you reach your desired goals. Your appointment time is yours and is specifically set aside for you to be with the therapist. You will not need to worry about signing in and waiting. It would however be beneficial to come about 5 minutes early to get yourself settled into the treatment room at the time you requested.

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